New Generation Clothespins!

Do you have problems with the clothespins?

Unfortunately, this is only logical!
The ordinary wooden or plastic clothespins are made to break down quickly!
 So they can continue to sell to you!
Ordinary clothespins are quickly porous and weak
they leave a print, so there is a big chance of ugly rust stains on the laundry!
It doesn't matter if you use the wooden or plastic clothespins because there are multiple parts, 
they quickly break down. Cheap becomes expensive-buy!
wasknijpers kunststof

Ezzypegs clothespins are specially developed clothespins. Our clothespins do not have a metal spring!

  • easy to glide over the laundry without having to squeeze.
  • Produced from recycled plastic. (70%)
  • It is resistant to UV rays.
  • Does not break, does not become porous, no danger of injury.
  • It is suitable for on the clothesline and on the clothes rack/dry rack
  • Has a patented unique clamping mechanism.
  • Does not leave a print or rust stains on laundry.
  • It is suitable to thinner clothing to thicker pieces of bathrobes,
  • towels, rugs, etc. to squeeze along.
  • Patented new/idea. 
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Ezzypegs clothespins in 4 colors

wasknijpers kunststof
wasknijpers kunststof
wasknijpers kunststof
wasknijpers kunststof
EzzyPegs are the best clothespins I have ever used. The problem with the clothespins is that they break down very quickly, even the most expensive ones. Not these ones, I've been using them for a while now and they stay like new.
The other problem for me was always that I have osteoarthritis in my hands and fingers and therefore I have a lot of trouble squeezing. With EzzyPegs squeezing is not necessary, you slide them, which makes them ideal for me. The fact that they are big is also a big advantage for me, because I can't take small things with my hands.
In short, I can highly recommend them, they are worth every penny!
Dusica | Groningen
I bought the Ezzypegs for my mother. My mother suffers from reduced pinch force in her hands as a result of medication. Therefore it was difficult for her to open a normal clothespin. With the Ezzypegs .she can hang up the laundry herself. Even on a drying rack of which the drying lines are normally thicker, than for example on a clothesline.
Kees | Amsterdam